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Dipankar Fin Cap Investment Pvt. Ltd. is Leading firm and managed by an experienced and professional team that is focused on providing clients with an exceptional investment experience. Our team actively participates in the financial lives of our clients and guides them on their investment decisions with thoughtful analysis, sound judgement, and relentless follow-through.
1. To carry on business of an investment Company and/or a holding company to, underwrite, sub-underwrite, to buy, sell, deal, hold, invest, disinvest, exchange and surrender stocks, shares securities, scrips, derivatives, debt instruments, bonds, debentures, policies, book debts, and claims and commercial papers, government and commercial security or any other financial investment instruments of any company, bank whether government or non-government public or private, or any other local authority whether in India or abroad and to promote, subsidize and assist companies and syndicates in order to promote the business of company.
2. To carry on the business of financial and investment consultants, finance brokers, stock brokers, underwriters, registrars, issues house, portfolio management and to invest and subscribe for purchase or otherwise acquire and sell, dispose of, exchange, hold and otherwise deal in shares or other securities issued by any authority Central, State, Municipal Local or Otherwise and to carry on the business generally carried on by finance and investment companies.


Our goal is to understand the financial needs of our customers and the community and help them realize their dreams.

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